Live Arrival Departure Status of Trains at Station

It is now possible to know the exact train arrival at station timings and also know if there are any particular delays in the time schedule. Thanks to the new online option by OPS, it is very convenient now to check the train arrival and departure status and plan your trip accordingly. This new interface is powered by OPS to find out the exact location of the train and to track the train ride efficiently.

Unlike in the past, when you had to wait for hours in a queue to know where your train has reached and when it is expected to arrive, now you can find all this online quickly. Calling the enquiry was a time-consuming task and also depended greatly on the official seated. The online status is quick because it does not depend on any individual. It is completely reliable and perfectly thorough because it relies on the GPS tracker just like other efficient travel apps.

How to Check Live Trains Arrival Departure Status at Station?

One doesn't have to wait anymore in long queues to know the Live status of the train at station. With a smart phone, you simply need to enter the station code or name and click on 'Go' button to get list of all the trains which arrive and depart on that station within 2 to 4 hours. Live station status of train is an easy way to understand the progress of your train and plan your travel accordingly.

So just make sure you check the status of your train online before heading to the station.