Indigo Airlines PNR Status

The key people involved in the launch of the airline are Mr. Rahul Bhatia Mr. and Rakesh S. Gangwal. The parent company of Indigo airline is InterGlobe Enterprises owned by Mr. Rahul Bhatia holding about 51.12. % of the stake in the airline. Their president is Mr. Aditya Ghosh.

The key to their success is the concept of being "On Time", in terms of providing customer service. The airline has its network spread to about 35 destinations within India and abroad. Some of the major destinations include New Delhi Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, Muscat, Kathmandu, etc.

Their current fleet includes about 73 aircrafts in number, all being the Airbus A320-200. The airline being a low cost airline offers a Corporate Programme for Business class people or rather corporate travelers; they do not have a business class section as such. The airline has received many awards from the time of its launch. The airline also has online portal through which your can check pnr status of your booked ticket.

Methods for Indigo Airlines PNR Status Enquiry:

The flight booking status of the Indigo Airlines can be checked by the travelers by looking for it online or through toll free numbers.

Check Indigo PNR Status Online:

1. Go to the Indigo Airlines official pnr enquiry page.

check Check Indigo Airlines Flight Status

2. Once reached there, you will be asked to enter your email id that you have given when booking the Indigo Airlines ticket and Booking Reference.
3. After filling the detail hit the "Get Itinerary" button.
4. Your current Indigo Airlines booking status will be displayed on your computer screen.

Indigo Booking Status through Toll Free Number:

Some of the toll free numbers are illustrated below through which Indigo Airlines passengers can get to know their current PNR Status.

Country Phone Number
Toll Free Number (0) 99 10 38 38 38
Call Center +91 124 6613838