Live Train Status of 93008 - DRD BVI

Station Scheduled Arrival/Actual Arrival Arrived Scheduled Depar./Actual Depar. Departed Sch Arrival Date/Act Arrival Date Day Distance Delay Status
[DRD]DAHANU ROAD Source/00:00 No 08:30/08:30 No 4 Sep 2018/4 Sep 2018 1 0 0 mins late
[BVI]BORIVALI 10:23/10:23 No Destination/00:00 No 4 Sep 2018/4 Sep 2018 1 90 0 mins late

Running Status of 93008 - DRD BVI:

Now you can you plan your journey without wasting hours on finding out exact running Status of 93008 - DRD BVI. This mail train starts from DAHANU ROAD (DRD) at 08:30 and arrives its destination station BORIVALI (BVI) at 10:23. It stops at 2 stations and cover distance of 90 km during its journey. 93008 reaches its destination station BORIVALI on day 1. While traveling, if you come across any suspicious things or person then contact 93008 officials.

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