How to Book Train Tickets Online through IRCTC

If you are planning to travel by train and willing to get confirmed tickets, than the most easy and convenient way is to get your tickets booked online through the IRCTC online portal. This website does not only cater the customers to book the normal tickets and tatkal tickets, but also offer much more information about the popular destinations in the most of the cities.

The online website is easy to navigate and saves time of manually going to the railway station, standing in the queue and booking tickets of the desired destination. To book tickets online, all you to need to do is download the mobile app or book from the IRCTC website. To book confirmed tickets online you just have register on the IRCTC website with all your details that can be used whenever you book tickets online. Before moving on to the ticketing booking procedure, you should know that general ticket booking can be done 60 days prior to the journey date and tatkal ticket can be booked 24 hours prior to the journey date.

Procedure for Booking Train Tickets Online through the IRCTC Official Website:

Enjoy the convenience and services of the IRCTC online portal and travel around the country with comfort.

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