PNR Status of your Indian Railway or IRCTC ticket can be checked online quickly and easily. To do so, simply enter your 10 digit pnr number in the box below and hit on the “Get PNR Status” button.

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What is PNR Number?

PNR is acronym for Passenger Name Record. This is a record of an individual passenger which exist in the database of computer reservation system that has the itinerary of a traveler, or a group of traveler flying together. Initially this concept was used by airline industry to exchange reservation information in case of traveler needed flights of multiple airlines in order to arrive their desired destination.

This is the most convenient and simplest way to track the information each and every passenger traveling through particular flight. PNR Number remains unchanged during the journey and cannot be modified or changed until end of your journey.

As the idea of PNR become successful in the airline industry, the railway industry embraced it too. Now IRCTC and Indian Railway offer PNR No. to all the tickets booked by them in order to make the checking easier.

If we talk about Indian Railways or IRCTC, PNR is a 10 unique ten digit number assigned to every single ticket purchased through IRCTC Website or reservation counter. You can find this number on the top left corner of your railway ticket.

What a PNR Number provides?

This unique identification number is generated for each and every booked ticket whether it’s confirm or not. It Provides arrival and departure time, date of journey, current status (whether confirmed or in waiting list), seat number and bogie, gender and so on.

Why do i need PNR Number?

If you prefer train as a medium of traveling in India then sooner or later you have to deal with waiting list ticket. In that case, prior to the traveling you need to know whether your ticket is confirmed or not using the assigned pnr no. You can do it through sms or phone call or online. It’s going to prove beneficial in case you lost your ticket, only if you know your pnr no. So, whenever purchase a ticket write it down anywhere you want and keep it safe.

Methods to Check PNR Status:

Usually there are not many but quite few ways by means of which passengers can check pnr status of his/her ticket within span of time. Below, I am going to demonstrate few most suitable methods that will assist you in order to know your current reservation status.

Check Railway PNR Status Online:

As per me, this is probably most convenient method among all. All you have to do is enter your ten digit pnr number in the empty box present over the top of homepage and click on the “Get PNR Status” button. On doing so, within few moment your current reservation status will appear on your computer screen. Passengers from multiple Railway zones incorporating Central, Western, Southern, and Northern can check the status of their reserved ticket with the help of this intuitive interface.

Check IRCTC PNR Status through SMS:

Have you ever noticed that text messaging is increasingly becoming a cheap and reliable medium of communication. In my circle, i know many who prefer to communicate over text messaging instead of calling. Taking into consideration the increasingly use of text messaging, the Indian railways decided to offer the facility of PNR enquiry through SMS. So, now you have an additional simplest and quickest method to check your reservation status, isn’t it great? Below, i have illustrated the 4 numbers through which you can check your IRCTC PNR status.

  • Type PNR <space> your ten digit pnr no. and send it 139, 54959, 5676747, 57886 etc.
  • For Example: PNR 1234567890

PNR Enquiry using Phone call:

To inquire about your current reservation simply dial 139 from your fixed phone or smartphone and follow the instruction given by the IVR system. When asked for pnr no. provide it and you will get to know your status.

PNR Enquiry through Mobile Apps:

These days, many among us prefer to use multitasking Smartphone instead of a simple mobile handset. Do you know why it is successful in captivate the attention of peoples, because it has several functionalities that a normal handset does not. You will find many useful apps that could improve real-time experience of your device. Like several other apps, you’ll also find apps that allow you to examine reservation Status through your Smartphone only. This application is available for your iOS, Android, Nokia and Windows Smartphone. You can obtain these apps in Apple iTunes, Google Play, Windows App gallery and Ovi Store. Below i have mentioned few best suited app compatible with your device, i hope that prove beneficial for you.

Android App:

Indian Rail Info App is compatible with all android devices available in the market. You can check the reservation status, Seat Availability, train timing, fare and other useful information using this app. To download it for your android smartphone simply visit Google Play.

iPhone App:

Indian Rail App is fully compatible with devices running on iOS version 5.1 or later. It is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can get it from Apple itunes.

Windows App:

IRCTC Official Windows App offer online ticket booking and several other services like checking pnr status, train time schedule, train routes, booking and recent history, seat availability and others. You can download it from windows app store.

PNR Enquiry on Railway Station:

If you’re not convinced with any of the above described methods, no matter why then you can go through the old fashioned way of enquiry. To do this, visit your localized railway station there you’ll find number of digital machines placed around the booking counter that let you know your Railway PNR Status within second.

Indian Railway Ticket PNR Status Explained:

Checking reservation status has become so simple mainly because of the introduction of numerous online portals but still some people get stuck as they don’t understand the many abbreviated term present in the ticket. There are generous bunch of people who examine the current status of their ticket with the help of allocated pnr number but fail to understand what it’s trying to say. Some abbreviations mentioned below will let you understand the reservation status of your respective railway ticket.

CAN/MOD: Ticket Cancelled or Modified by Passenger.
RAC: Reservation Against Cancellation.
CNF: Confirmed.
WL: Waiting List.
CK: Tatkal Quota.
CKWL: Tatkal Waiting List.
PQWL: Pooled Quota Waiting List.
GNWL: General Waiting List.
REGRET/WL: No More Booking Allowed/Permitted.
RLWL: Remote Location Waiting List.