Flight PNR Status

To check the Current PNR Status of your domestic or Indian and international flights follow the links cited below.

Check PNR Status of Domestic or Indian Airlines

Air India Air India GoAir Go Air
Indigo Airlines Indigo Airlines Spicejet Spicejet Airlines
Jet-Airways Jet Airways JetKonnect Jet Konnect

Check PNR Status of International Airlines

Air New Zealand Air New Zealand American Airlines American Airlines
Asiana Airlines Asiana Airlines British Airways British Airways
Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific Emirates Airlines Emirates Airlines
Etihad Airways Etihad Airways Lufthansa Airlines Lufthansa Airlines
Malaysia Airlines Malaysia Airlines Qantas Airlines Qantas Airlines
Qatar Airways Qatar Airways Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines
Thai Airways Thai Airways Tiger Airways Tiger Airways
Virgin Atlantic Virgin Atlantic Air France Air France

Flight PNR Status Explained

Earlier, people have faced lots of difficulties when it comes to traveling long distance as there wasn't any appropriate means of transportation. But nowadays things are different, we can reach anywhere we want in just few hours, and all this became possible just because of the introduction of airplane. Airlines are playing a vital role in travel industry since their launch. It's a fastest means of transportation and that is why people prefer to go through it. Lots of people around the globe depart from one destination and arrive at other in a couple of hours. Whether it's an unexpected emergency or simply a holiday trip to overseas, all you have to do is reserve a ticket for a suited flight. Everything else is undoubtedly taken care by the airlines. However, before leaving for the airport you should always check that you have packed every required and necessary things, and more importantly don't forget to check PNR status of your flight to make sure that their time schedule is unchanged or to avoid any kind of mishaps.

How to Check Flight PNR Status Online

I know, you have traveled many times through plane. But have you ever noticed the PNR number or booking reference number which is printed on the ticket. Do you know, what it is for? Why it is generated? What is does? Before moving on, let me tell you pnr is a short form of Passenger Name Record. It stores the information of a passenger or group of passengers traveling through the airline on particular ticket. Using this number you can check current booking status of your flight.

Checking the booking status of the flight is not a rocket science, it's quite easy. Simply enter the booking reference number (PNR) in the tracking field and within few minute you will come to know current booking status of your flight. If your ticket gets confirmed you will see confirmation symbol, otherwise not. I have experienced that besides entering the PNR number, you may need to provide some additional information while checking your flight booking status like, Passenger's name (first name or last name), journey date, destination etc.

Importance of PNR Number in Aviation Industry

To know why PNR number is so essential, you must understand the concept behind the launch of the PNR. Well, PNR is indeed a concept being launched by airlines around the globe to easily exchange the data of the booking with the other airlines. Basically, it happens when the traveler opt for more than one flight to accomplish their journey. In such cases it's really essential.